Million Dollar Agents

Noah was featured in the recently released "Million Dollar Agents", a book by Phil Hollander & Dan Lok, in which they interview a broad cross-section of the most successful Real Estate agents.

Below are a few excerpts from that book...

It's really the people that I work with; I still have a passion for people. I love the diversity of people and I welcome that and certainly working in such an international market as I do here in Victoria, I have the ability to meet the most interesting people from all over the world, and that continues to drive me today in my practice.

I think one of my abilities that set me aside from a lot of the other great people that I work with in this profession is my ability to really empathize with my clientele; l go the extra mile. I really believe in what I do, and it's all about the details and so I think I try and set myself apart as Noah Dobson the Real Estate Agent to be what my clients need or want me to be.

Million Dollar Agents: How Top Real Estate Agents Really Create High Income, Wealth & Independence is available now from Amazon.